About Us

ryan and dixon

Bootz & Katz is a live electronic rock band with an unmistakable, unique sound, and an obsession with blurring the lines between genres. The band's fusion of driving electronic basslines and capturing synth melodies with the experience of a live rock band landed them the honor of being named the Best Experimental Band in Macon, GA in 2014 by Reader's Choice.

Pulling influences from genres like Synth Pop, Hard Rock, and Bass House, Bootz & Katz always brings the dance party to every venue they play, so be sure not to miss out when they come through!

Bootz & Katz is honored to have shared the stage with various artists such as Dr. Fameus (of The Disco Biscuits), Dopapod, The Heavy Pets, Stokeswood, Wick-it the Instigator, Greenhouse Lounge, The Mantras, Skymatic, Dank, Andy Bruh and Robbie Dude.