About Us

ryan and dixon

Bootz & Katz brings the sensibilities of jam and rock to the world of EDM. The band's fusion of prevailing EDM genres like Deep House, Bass Music, and Drum & Bass, with the unmistakable excitement of a live jam band results in a fresh sound not quite like anything you've heard before.

Their latest release 'BZKZ' showcases this one of a kind autenticity with songs that range from a Synth Pop Power Ballad to Dark & Progressive House Jams to a Drum & Bass remix with soaring guitar solos. It's hard to put in a box, so listen to 'BZKZ' on your favorite streaming platform and see for yourself.

Is it Livetronica? Jamtronica? Who knows. Whatever you decide to call it, be sure to catch Bootz & Katz live for a guaranteed dance party. Otherwise, enjoy the tunes and helps us keep the beat going: Bootz & Katz & Bootz & Katz & Bootz & Katz & Bootz & Katz...

If you think Bootz & Katz would be a good fit for your venue or festival, reach out to them at bootzandkatzmusic@gmail.com.